A Single Shot of Tequila Every Day Has Some Amazing Health Benefits


I’ve never thought of tequila as being a predominantly healthy beverage. In fact, any time that I’ve ever drunk tequila, I woke up the next day feeling much shoddier. That’s not necessarily the tequila’s fault, though. In general, alcohol is desiccating and I may not have had enough water to drink to go along with it. Also, I surely wasn’t restraining myself to a single shot. Lastly, tequila is often mixed with sugary mixers that can upsurge the feeling of a hangover the next day. Tequila comes from the agave plant which has many health benefits. But, remember to only drink it ‘neat’ (no mixers) and only a single shot. Here are some of tequila’s amazing benefits:

Tequila is a probiotic.

Tequila can actually help maintain the proper balance of healthy bacteria in your gastral tract, assisting with absorption and other health issues. Gut health affects your entire body.

via metaspoon


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