5 Things to Look Out for of an Abusive Person


It is not always easy to spot a person who has abusive tendencies. It is even more difficult when you are in a relationship with one. When you meet someone and fall in love, you naturally always see the best in them at first. The fact of the matter is, every person that can be abusive, is always charismatic and know how to hide their true selves.

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If you read on, you will discover that they all have very similar tells that you can pick up on. When you start to notice these things, there is usually not much hope in them changing if you confront them, so try move on with your life.

1. Not Everyone

People like this like choosing the people they pick on.  When you are with family or friends, their personality almost seems completely different, like they are putting on a show. When you are alone, they seem meaner and less considerate or abusive towards you. Just because these kinds of people are nice to others, don’t fall into the trap of thinking they are better or are going to be better.

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2. Not All the Time

Being abused is not a constant occurrence. This misleading fact actually traps you into a relationship because there are good times and bad times (ups and downs if you will…) If they are abusive only 30% of the time, that means are they abusive. Doesn’t matter how bad they seem to you, if you can pin an abusive act, it is still abuse.


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