4 Truths About C-Section Mothers That Everybody Should Know!


Many ladies would agree that being a mother is one of the hardest yet most satisfying jobs on the planet. Different encounters arise at every age. One of the challenges that mothers face early on is the birthing procedure. While a natural birth may be ideal, things don’t always happen according to plan. A Caesarean section birth requires both bravery and strength.

via David Wolfe

1. They Don’t Know If The lot Is OK Until They Leave The Operating Room

C-sections are often done because there is some kind of risk to the baby or the mother. But the risk doesn’t end with the birth of the baby. As in other operations, doctors don’t know if the procedure has been completely successful until the anaesthesia has worn off. During a C-section, the mother is awake. She doesn’t feel pain, but she does feel all of the movement inside of her. It isn’t precisely a good feeling. It’s unpleasant, disturbing, and it may even be upsetting for the mother. Regardless, mothers undergo this procedure in spite of how scary it can be, because they know the reward is great.

via David Wolfe


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