I Shed Half My Body Weight. Here’s The One Lesson I Had to Learn to Do It.


My ex-boyfriend, in the middle of our breakup, told me that my largest problem was that I think everyone thinks like me, when in fact most individuals don’t think the way I do at all. At the time, I dismissed the remark as something stupid somebody says to you when they’re breaking up with you. I thought, my lifetime best friend and I finish each other’s sentences. I’m persuaded that she and I look at inkblots and see the same things. “What more proof do I need?” I said to myself. “Of course folks think like me!”

Over time, though, I’ve thought about his remark more and more, and have come to the awareness that he was on to something. His statement was perhaps his single moment of genius.

What strikes me about this conversation is which things that persons say eventually stick with me. Another prime example I remember is riding in the car with my high school friend, Joan. She had just gotten her driver’s license, and her dad was letting her drive me home. As we got off the highway exit, she wavered after starting to take a left, and then stopped. Her father said, “Joan, if you’re going to go….go. If you’re not going to go, don’t go.”

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