A Wild Portrayal of South Africa!



Come face to face with beauty of South Africa in 8 remarkable shots from award-winning photographer Neil Aldridge.

Award-winning wildlife photographer, and Earth Capture sponsor, Neil Aldridge made his name photographing African wild dogs.

Based in North Somerset in the UK, Aldridge’s work takes him all over the world. But he always returns to the natural beauty of his fatherland, South Africa.

Neil Aldridge

Lioness in the morning light, Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa (Credit: Neil Aldridge)

This striking portrait of a lioness was captured at Kariega Game Reserve on South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Aldridge came across this lioness on a number of instances. He saw that she kept to herself and did not seem to get along with the other lions.

Lying under a shrub, enjoying the first rays of the morning Sun on her face, she took keen notice in a nearby rhino mother and its calf.

“I think she was considering whether or not to go after the calf,” says Aldridge. “It gave a suggestion of why she survived so long on her own, because she was obviously quite brave.”

Within the main pride, Aldridge filmed two lion cubs playing the fool.


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