12 Foundation Tips That Will Make Your Face Glow!


It may seem like a simple part of the total makeup process, but getting the foundation right is extremely important. Why?

  • Applying it incorrect can make you look tired
  • And/or older

If you think about it, everything that’s built properly starts with a foundation, and this also relates to makeup. Without it, your skin may be left looking unfinished and uneven.

Nevertheless, we know how hard it can be to apply, particularly if you’re not acquainted with it or if it’s your first time. Not to worry however, as we are here to help.

foundation-tips-1Lighting is important when it comes to foundation, so if you don’t have good light in your room, use a mirror with a LED light. Why is this vital? Every other light makes it complicated to see how the makeup looks in real life. Always go with one or the other natural or LED light.

foundation-tips-2 If you’re not sure what your shade is, ask for testers at the store so you can try them in natural light. This will help you decide which one looks best on your face.


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