4 Simple Steps to STOP All Sorts of Harassment!


We live in a day and age led by social media. Regrettably, hiding behind the computer, a cell phone or another gadget often encourages bullies. The more hate that’s spread through social media, the more dominant bullies feel to put those words into actions. With the recent uproar concerning the presidential election, it seems we’re seeing more hate and bullying than ever before.

A French artist by the name of Maeril in recent times made a comic and shared it with the world. It details the four most helpful steps to fight Islamophobia bullying as a spectator. While it was created to address one obvious type of bullying, it basically relates to all types of bullying. Whether it’s someone’s look, race, religion, political views or sexual orientation that’s being criticised, Maeril’s comic may be able to aid.

Via thevocal.com.au

The comic is grounded on a psychological method known as non-complimentary behaviour. NCB is when we react in an opposite way than someone supposes. The podcast Invisibilia lately showed the effects of NCB by explaining the events of a dinner party in Washington D.C. When an armed thief entered the building, a gentleman at the dinner asked the thief if he would like to sit down and have a glass of wine. The thief relaxed, put his gun away, apologized and left. While the effects of NCB may not always be this extreme, it shows that acting in a certain way may be able to help turn negative situations around.



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