7 Cold-Weather Practises That Make You Sick!


While some folks live for the summertime sun, others love when the temperature starts to cool down outside. It hints a time for boots, sweaters, coats, gloves and shawls. The only problem with the cooler air is that it seems to come along with a wave of illness every year. The more radical the temperature change, the more you notice coughs and snuffles from your family members, friends and co-workers. If you frequently fall ill during the change in seasons, it might be because of a bad habit. Here are seven habits you need to give up if you want to end getting sick when weather turns cold:

1. Stop Covering Your Nose and Mouth with a Headscarf

As much as you want to protect your face from the harsh wind, covering your nose and mouth with a headscarf isn’t the best idea. When you’re out in the cold, the water vapour you breathe out when you breathe out can turn into ice if it falls onto the material of a headscarf. The air that passes through your iced-covered headscarf is then even colder than it would be deprived of that barrier. This can lead to angina and bronchitis. It can also aggravate the skin. Feel free to roll up with a scarf, but don’t use it to shield your nose!



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