Try These 7 Simple Epsom Salt Beauty & Health Hacks Today…Amazing results!


Epsom salts are made of forms of magnesium sulphate (magnesium, sulphur, and oxygen together) with up to seven water particles attached. Epsom salt originates its name from an unpleasant, salty spring in Surrey, England where the salt was dried from spring water that arises from a geology of absorbent chalk and clay.

Epsom salts have been used as natural exfoliates and in anti-inflammatory medications used to treat sore muscles, small wounds, dry skin, and even disease. The Epsom Salt Council has a list of Epsom salt uses and a large number of these contain beauty and health tips.

Epsom salts are normally safe to use and the magnesium confined in the crystals can be absorbed into one’s body through the skin. Of course, be sure to check with a health expert if you have any medical situations or are pregnant.

Here are some remarkable Epsom salt beauty and health hacks you can use now.

1. Hair Volumizer

Does your hair ever feel oily and dense after you use conditioner? You can use Epsom salt to make a home-grown volumizer that will fix that problem.

epsom-salt-results-1What you will need:

  • One Portion Conditioner (please shop for Organic products)
  • One Portion Epsom Salt
  • A Small Bowl


  • Blend the conditioner and Epsom salt together in a small bowl.
  • Rub on the conditioner like you usually do.
  • Leave it in for 20 minutes before you rinse.
  • Repeat the treatment weekly.


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