Brutal Bullfighting in 4x4s – A Sick New Spiral in Spain’s Animal Cruelty!


WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Drivers chase terrified bull across open fields and country roads, teasing it with spears, sticks and rocks and stabbing it in ‘rally of death’


With all charade at skill and showmanship abandoned, this appalling footage shows a vile distinction on the traditional Spanish bullfight – simply chasing down an animal to collapse in 4x4s.

The “encierros” – which means “enclosing” – are taking place in rural populations, far from the purpose-built bullfighting stadiums found in many Spanish towns and cities.

The proceedings involve chasing a bull across open fields and country roads, surrounded by gangs in cars and on motorbikes, quad bikes and horses.

The cars keep after their “quarry” until the creature can no longer stand, provoking it with spears, sticks and even rocks.

Some of the “hunters” can be seen in the footage beating the bulls from the safety of their cars. Others get out to fling stones – again, from a safe distance.

A guy on horseback is shown constantly stabbing a bull with a lance after it collapses. There is noticeable fury on the rider’s face when the animal proves too weak to get up and carry on.

brutal-4x4-bullfighting-1The terrified bull is chased by 4x4s


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