‘Complete morons’ who posted pictures of them surfing A TURTLE on Australian beach could be fined £12,000


Authorities are investigating the images which has sparked barbarity on social media


Two men who were pictured ‘surfing’ a turtle on an Australian beach have been criticised as “complete idiots” by the RSPCA.

A status uploaded by a user called Ricky Rogers has been shared extensively and sparked outrage on social media.

It shows two males holding what seem to be beer cans as they balance on top of the large turtle with the slogan: “Surfed a tortoise on zee weekend.. gnarly duddddeeeee (sic).”

The status is marked at Fraser Island in Queensland, one of the most geographically rich areas of the country.

complete-morons-turtle-1The image was shared on social media and spawned outrage                         Via Facebook


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