Guy Takes Revenge On Lady ‘Stealing His Parcels’ By Arranging a Very Nasty and Very Loud Surprise


The man claims that his parcels had been stolen several times before he had finally decided that enough was enough – and she got a huge scare


A bloke sick of having his parcels stolen from his front porch decided to set up a nasty shock to trick the lady allegedly taking them.

The homeowner said he had been ordering parts for his Jeep, but they kept vanishing off his porch after being delivered.

Finally determining enough was enough, the man rigged a fake parcel to catch the offender and give them a scare. And it came complete with a 12-gauge blank shell.

The CCTV clip starts by displaying the view of the car parked up on the side of the road.

(Photo: LiveLeak)

The lady makes a run for it after hearing the loud bang


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