6 Remarkable Herbs to Heal Your Body and Mind!


For thousands of years, ordinary herbs have been used to treat common health complications effectively and devoid of side effects. Now, many diseases are treated with synthetic pharmaceuticals that come with a whole grade of side effects.

Though studies on the use of these common natural cures are broad, they are not favoured by the big pharmacological mega-corporations who rather we would take their produces than Nature’s remedies.

Caution: These plants have therapeutic properties. It is vital to seek the advice of your health professional before adding anything new to your nutrition.

1. Ginger for Everything as well as Nausea

Ginger is on the increase. More and more people are being turned on to the therapeutic power of ginger each and every day. Ginger signifies the roots of a wonderful group of dazzling flowering mostly tropical plants.

Ginger roots are rich in sulphur, and vital tissue-nourishing, yellow mineral. Sulphur is one of the great beauty minerals and is essential for the production and repair of healthy tissue, particularly hair, skin, and nails.



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