Fascinating Video, Octopus Leaps at a Crab


We could watch professional wild life documentaries, or we could watch YouTube videos with amazing shots caught by amateur videographers! Such as this one, an octopus leaping for its prey –  a crab!

This video was filmed by Porsche Indrisie, this jaw-dropping footage of an octopus leaping out of the water at its prey. Jumping on dry land is what surprises the viewers and made the video so popular. Indrisie was just filming a crab, with a sudden landing guest attacking the crab that was being filmed.

via YouTube

Indrisie said, “Trying to steady my footing, I edged closer to the crab, and was totally surprised to witness the octopus clean it up right in front of me! Like an alien creature! I had no idea they could launch out of the water like that.”


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