Peppermint Stops Mice and Other Vermin from Entering Your Home!



Let’s be honest. Even if you’re not predominantly scared of mice, spiders or insects, you possibly don’t want them all over your home.

They’re unhygienic. They can make things difficult when you’re trying to relax with friends and one pops out of nowhere.

Furthermore, they eat your food, and can be an annoyance when you’re trying to unwind. They’re a bit like teenagers, excluding that getting insects and mice out of your house isn’t as easy as popping a Kenny G album into your stereo.

peppermint-stops-coverNo, you need something a bit more heavy duty when it comes to getting Mother Nature’s vermin out of your home for good.

Fortunately, heavy duty doesn’t have to mean expensive or unusual. It also doesn’t mean you have to set a lot of traps that will leave clean-up for you every time you head into the cellar.


No, the super duper pest-be-gone scheme I’m suggesting today is very simple…


It smells amazing. To people, anyway. But to insects, spiders and mice, it’s horrible.

You can begin by planting peppermint around your household – in your front and back yards, etc. This will be a natural barricade to keep the irritating little buggers away from your possessions.

Inside your home, you can do a variety of peppermint-flavoured things to put up a second line of defence.

One method is to fill socks with dried peppermint and put them around your home in the places mice, insects and spiders tend to get in. The garage is a must.


You can also make peppermint tea, let it cool, and place it in a spray bottle. Mist the tea around spaces such as storerooms, cupboards, carpets, entrances and windows.

The key is that the smell of peppermint must be very strong.


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