Old and Unused Potatoes Can Be Transformed Into CHEESE with A New Invention to Combat Food Waste around World!


The creator behind the process to pimp up surplus spuds says the food ‘looks like cheese and melts like cheese’ and could help in tragedy zones

A new discovery to combat food waste could see old, unused potatoes being transformed into edible CHEESE.

The incredible claim has been made by Andrew Dyhin, a food researcher who says he has a new way of making use of undesirable spuds.


The top-secret process of Potato Magic , Mr Dyhin says, makes the ‘first artificial, sustainable, eco-friendly superfood ‘, and involves treating peeled potatoes.

He says: “It looks like cheese, it melts like cheese” as he shows off a ‘potato cheese’ toasty.

“When we look at the world nowadays, and we see how vital food security is we need to get the maximum quantity of food from a hectare of land.

old-potatoes-cheese-1The Potato Magic process alters the potato into melting ‘cheese’


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