7 Questions to Ask In advance Before Ending a Relationship!


We’ve all been there. You reach a point in a relationship where you’re considering ending things, but you’re just not certain. Perhaps the feelings aren’t as strong any longer, you’re struggling with hope or you feel like the two of you want not the same things. Ending a relationship can be hard, and sometimes the most awful part is not knowing if you’re making the right choice. The next time you find yourself speculating if it’s time to move on, ask yourself these seven questions before you finish things:

1. How Does This Relationship Make Me Feel The Bulk Of The Time?

Think about how your companion makes you feel. Do they care for you, make you giggle, inspire you and uplift you? Or do you find yourself being slated and put down the majority of the time? If your companion doesn’t make you feel great about who you are, then it’s maybe time to move on.



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