Watch a Rare Sperm Whale Phenomenon


The vast oceans of the world are full of wander and beauty. There is so much to learn and to see and to discover. In this video, a very rare scene was captured on video.  This pod of sperm whales was caught sleeping in the ocean water. This amazing and beautiful scene was filmed by an underwater photographer from Cadro, Switzerland. 58-year-old Franco Banfi was diving off the cost of the Caribbean island Dominica. This pod of vertically-sleeping sperm whales was about 65 feet underwater.


The amazing fact about these large oceanic creatures is they sometimes take little naps and hang in suspension vertically in the water. These naps can last from about 6 to 25 minutes. In this particular event, it lasted about 10 minutes before they woke up again.



Banfi was filming the whales in this beautifully blue water when they suddenly began to slow and change their formation. The all began to slowly start floating to this vertical position. This event is very rare, and was only documented for the first time back in 2008. A pod of whales was discovered by biologists from the UK and Japan.



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