20 Reasons Lemon Water Should be a daily morning drink!


Your body can get so many benefits from lemon water. Besides quenching your thirst, there are so many other things that you never knew about that you will now include in your morning routine!

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To jump start your day; learn why lemon water is necessary for the morning.

1. Electrolytes

Lemon water is packed with natural electrolytes, which hydrate your body. You won’t feel thirsty and you will feel great!

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2. Joints

If you suffer from inflammation or joint and muscle pain, drinking lemon water can reduce a lot of the pain. You will feel more comfortable throughout the day.

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3. Digestion

Lemons contain citric acid. It interacts with many enzymes in your body that help stimulate the secretion of gastric juices. This helps your stomach digest with ease. Warm lemon water is magical!

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4. Liver Function

Drinking lemon water also improves the functions of your liver. It does this by improving the liver’s ability to produce enzymes.

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5. Liver Cleansing

With the help of lemon water, your liver can release toxins in a better and more efficient way.

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6. Respiratory Infections

In the winter months, we all usually have to fight flu or sore throats or even tonsil inflammation. Lemon contains anti-inflammatory properties which sooth a sore throat!

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7. Bowel Movement

A fresher system means easier and more regular bowel movements.

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8. Metabolism

Lemons also help your metabolism, which protects your body from free radicals. Also digesting faster and in a healthier way.

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9. Depression and Anxiety

With high potassium contained in lemons, you will start to feel more relaxed and much happier.

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10. Cleanse

Lemon water is great for cleansing your blood stream. This includes arteries. You will feel healthier and your heart will be healthier.

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