4 Reasons Why We Ought to STOP Spanking Children


If you have children, you’ve perhaps done it. Or at least thought about it. You ask your son to clean his room, only to have him throw a loud fit. Or maybe you tell your daughter its homework time, and she replies with a sassy comment. While many parents use spanking as a way to control their offspring, it actually has negative emotive effects that are tremendously difficult to undo.

Here are 4 ways that spanking does more damage than good.

1. Spanking Harms a Child’s Mental Health

Spanking can have long-term effects on the mental health of kids. Since spanking is often alleged as unfair, it instils kids with a sense of unfairness, which leads to resentment. This anger, combined with a sense of degradation, causes them to either rebel or segregate themselves. With either result, senses of detachment and aggression triumph, as they believe their personal rights have been dishonoured. This then creates a sense of distrust, not only against family members, but the world. Such harmful thinking makes it difficult to form real relationships or feel a sense of connectedness to people. In fact, violent offenders are most likely to show a history of extreme physical discipline.

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