Selfies Are Linked To THESE Behaviour Disorders!


All of us have one or two friends we’ve really considered holding a selfie interference for. And thanks to some new info, we have now got a few frank reasons to be worried. You see, psychologists have connected obsessive selfie-taking to a number of mental health and personality concerns.

‘Oh, but surely that only applies to individuals who take a ridiculous amount of selfies,’ you might be thinking. Truly, no. According to the American Psychiatric Association, even just three selfies daily is cause for worry.

Let’s take a look at a few of the problems experts say are at play in obsessive selfie taking.

1. Narcissism

Research has shown that people with higher narcissistic character traits tend to post more selfies on social media. Editing a selfie before posting it is a sure sign of even bigger narcissism.

Narcissistic people need admiration to function. Posting a selfie allows them to get this admiration by way of likes and remarks. This sort of admiration is extremely deceptive due to the dishonest nature of social media. That doesn’t halt it from going to a narcissist’s head, of course.



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