The Significance Behind Your Native American Zodiac Animal Sign!


Ethnic cultures contain significant symbols for just about every animal you can think of.

In the interest of keeping this editorial an article and not turning it into a novel, we’ll stick to “birth animals,” also known as the Native American Zodiac.

The idea is similar to that of a horoscope; the impression is that an individual born within a specific window can be categorised by an animal sign.

Check out the signs below to study which animal sign you fall under and what it means according to Native American philosophy.


January 20th – February 18: Otter

The otter is eccentric, adorable and a bit hard to figure out.

The Natives see the otter to be unusual yet effective at getting things finished. Those born in this timeframe have a vibrant imagination, which gives them the upper hand over other folks.


February 19 – March 20: Wolf

As you might imagine, wolves flourish in a group. They become fierce when left alone, but display powerful teamwork when in a nurturing group.



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