Telltale Signs You Are Smarter Than You Ever Imagined


Living everyday also has the stress of you comparing your achievements to others. Comparing yourself is quite destructive to yourself and yet as a human, we just can’t help it! Some people just thrive on showing off their achievements, and you can’t help feeling less. Not just that, but also just small character traits, or how intelligent you are.

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Today’s world isn’t really focused intelligence, but it is definitely an important aspect to life. So instead of comparing yourself, the SMART thing to do is find out more about yourself, and a better way to judge yourself instead of comparing yourself. So here is a list of 10 telltale signs to see if you have any intelligence at all.

1. Breast feeding

You would never have guessed, but the first sign of any intelligence is if you were breast fed as a baby. The natural way seems to have an effect on early development, according to scientists in Britain and New Zealand.  A study was done, where 3000 children had an average of 7 points or so more than children that were not breast fed as a baby.

2. Oldest Child

The war between siblings can be settled, according to science. If you are the oldest child, then you are slightly smarter than your younger siblings and they have a good reason to be in charge when your parents weren’t around!



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