How to Spot a Migraine and How to avoid it!


Everyone knows that a migraine is a painful thing to suffer. Some get it worse than others, but overall it ruins your day. You can be as sick of vomiting and an intense pain. But not everyone knows that they can easily be avoided. Once you know the symptoms, you can avoid the pain!

The typical symptoms of a migraine:

1. Painful and severe Pounding

This kind of pain can be on either side of your head, or for those that have the severe pain, it will include both sides at the same time!

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2. Nausea

Many people suffer from an upset stomach and loss of appetite. But it can be as bad as vomiting.

3. Sensitivity to sound and light

You will be very sensitive to simple thing s such as people talking too loudly or the tv light hurts your eyes. It will be best to be in a dark room with no loud noises.

4. Irritability

Many normal and everyday things become annoying for you. You can’t tolerate people at this time.

5. Blurred vision

During the beginning stages of a migraine, you may begin to see weird colours or light spots in your vision.

6. Dizzy and shakey

Do not confuse these symptoms with vertigo, if you are not in a high place, be careful because a migraine may be beginning!


7. Numbness and weakness in face or neck muscles

This tends to be painful on its own. On the areas between the spinal bones on the top of your neck, can cause severe discomfort. It can either feel like a migraine is the base of your neck or the pain emanates from the neck to your head.

8. Thirst

With migraines, extreme or sudden thirst could be the signs of the start of pain. You could also urinate more often or retain water.


9. Concentration

With the pain you may be experiencing, it will be hard to concentrate on any task. Even talking to other people may become difficult.

The Symptoms without a headache:

Many people, who suffer migraines, may get some of these symptoms without the actual head pain at first. This is known as a ‘silent migraine’ or an ‘aura’. The different symptoms that can occur in the aura stage or the blurred vision, seeing colours and even sometimes the stomach pain.  This happens as the build up to the head aches associated with migraines. Once the aura symptoms go away, the pain begins to set in.

Migraine Headaches Causes:

Since migraines take place in your head, causing headaches, they are caused by neurological events. These usually happen when there is a change in blood flow, nerve signalling, and muscle functions.


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