Top Ten Most Abusive Circuses!


Circuses are just abusive, the creatures are ALWAYS abused in captivity, and they aren’t living the natural life of an animal, intermingling with each other.

What we need to do is shut down all animal performances and put the animals in reservations where they can learn how to conduct themselves in their natural wilderness then set them free!

1. Ringling Bros.

These cruel, cold-hearted monsters made lame elephants perform in spite of their pain, they have been charged $270,000, that’s the most any zoo has been indicted! They had a lion cub die, and beaten elephants many times! Never go to this animal abuse verminous place, all the individuals who work here will go to hell! By 2018, all elephant acts will end! Progress!

Very harsh! They beat creatures, like any other animal circus!


2. Carson & Barnes

They used a blow torch and electrical prod on their elephants and the head Trainer even said to make them scream! Elephants are highly intelligent creatures who warrant more respect! They can feel pain! The instructors must be sociopaths!



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